John Miles

John Miles

Hopper Patteson

Hopper Patteson

Bill Elliott, at Hermitage Castle, Newcastleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Bill Elliott, at Hermitage Castle, Newcastleton, Roxburghshire, Scotland

2019 Living History Performers

2019 Schedule

Celtic history comes to life with Chautauqua style presentations, encampments and family histories in the Glen of Clans


  • Celtic Instrumentation with featured musical performers IONA

  • Celtic Influences in Appalachia from featured musical performer Bob Shank

  • Irish and Northumbrian Pipes and Bouzouki by Greg Latta

  • John Miles presents: "The Viking Colonization of the British Isles" “History of the Tartans and Kilts” and “Celtic Seasonal Festivals”

  • "Irish Immigrants and the B&O Railroad in Maryland" by Cecilia Wright, Irish Railroad Workers’ Museum

  • Celtic Spirit Wheel by Judith Clister, author of Connections: Exploring our Connections with Nature and Life

  • Celtic Waulking Songs, Laments and Love Songs, Ellen Wilds, historical researcher, author and singer

  • Address to the Haggis with Curt Mitchell, Honorary Drum Major and DM, Pipes and Drums of St. Andrews, Parkersburg, WV

  • Tea and the Celtic Connection, Judy Larkin, Larkin Tea Company

  • Stories by the Score: Katie and Otto Ross

Alfonso Diaz grew up in an area of spectacular green valleys in the north of Spain (Asturias, a Celtic region), where the predominately rural farming community still uses scythes nearly year round. He started mowing with a scythe on his family’s farm when he was about 8 or 9 years old and helped his father mow hay and grass for the cows, clear brush, and maintain the fields throughout the year. There, every year they celebrate the end of the mowing season—the last weekend of August. Among numerous rural contests are the showcase mowing and peening competitions.  Alfonso has competed since he was was 14 years old and has won several mowing and peening contests. Find out more. . .
(Text and photo courtesy of Mid-Maryland Celtic Festival)

Patricia Hopper Patteson is a native of Dublin, Ireland and resides in West Virginia. She holds a B.A.  and an M.A. from West Virginia University (WVU).  She has received honors in creative writing from WVU in addition to numerous awards from the West Virginia Writers’ annual competition. Her fiction and non-fiction have been published in magazines, newspapers, reviews, and anthologies. She is the author of a three-part Irish-American family saga about the O’Donovans in the nineteenth century. The series begins with Kilpara, followed by Corrib Red, and Aunjel. Her first romance novel Hearts Apart was published by Red Sage Publishing.

Stories by the Score. Katie and Otto Ross Celtic stories, banjo, accordion, and guitar enhance audiences’ enjoyment of these highly interactive presentations including the Scottish tale, Tam Lin, and the Irish tale, Queen of the Tinkers. Enjoy familiar Irish jigs and Scottish favorites. This award winning couple has performed for Celtic festivals in Cumberland, McHenry, and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. They have also entertained audiences with a variety of stories at countless other venues. The couple live in Mineral County, WV.




  • THE APPIN REGIMENT Appin Regiment/Appin Historical Society is a northern Virginia based living history group portraying the Appin Stewarts in the army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart of Scotland in 1745-46.


  • Clan Elliot - Honored Clan of 2019
    The Elliots have existed as a Clan with a recognized Chief at least from the time of King Robert the Bruce (1306-1329) to the present day. Before the Union of the Crowns in 1603, they held that part of the frontier with England known as “The Middle March” — their Chief usually being appointed Captain of Hermitage Castle in Liddesdale, and they became famous as one of the great “riding” clans of the Scottish borders. Later the Elliots were notable for the part they played as leaders in the expansion of Britain overseas, and in the settlement of the New World, where their independence of character for which the Clan has always been renowned, made them particularly welcome. In the modern world, the Elliots have prospered and the Clan is now widely spread throughout the world. Bill Elliott, pictured here, is a St Germaine Elliot of Cornwall. He is President of Elliott Clan Society, whom you can visit in our Clan village area.

  • Clan Bell North America

  • Clan Donald Mid East

  • Clan Elliott

  • Clan Fergusson Society of North America

  • Clan Henderson Society

  • Clan MacDougall

  • Clan Scott Society

  • Clan Wallace Society

  • Cumberland Knights of Saint  Andrew

  • St. Andrew's Society of Mid-Maryland

Sheep and Duck Herding with  Fleece-A-Flying

Sheep and Duck Herding with Fleece-A-Flying

Honorary Drum Major Mitchell

Honorary Drum Major Mitchell

The Schthe Man

The Schthe Man



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Pittsburgh Tartan

Pittsburgh Tartan


Support for the expanded history presentations for the 2018 festival provided by the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority, Mountain Maryland Gateway to the West Heritage Area